Selection and Installation – Air Conditioning Unit

Once you’ve made the decision to install central air conditioning in your house, you’ll need to contract a qualified HVAC technician to do the installation. Once you find a trusted company to do the installation, you’ll have to tackle the task of figuring out which unit you want. The technicians and sales team can help you to determine which unit will match the power, features and budget you have for your home. Air conditioning systems a costly installation, so it’s important to ensure you are getting a good quality product in order to avoid HVAC repair NYC residents.

Talk to your HVAC technician to discuss the options that are available. Be upfront about your budget and always be realistic about what you really need. Be sure you are investing in a system that has enough power to cool your entire home effectively but not so powerful that it uses up too much energy and ends up costing you too much money. Talk to your technician to find out which units he recommends for cooling a space with the square footage of your home. When it comes to air conditioning units, the “bigger is better” philosophy doesn’t always hold water. It’s better to tailor your selection to your actual space.

Once you have the size and power of the unit you need figured out, you’ll need to examine the features of various units within that power range. Compare warrantees (including the length of coverage and what exactly it covers) as well as the energy rating of each unit. Get the technicians opinion about which units require less maintenance. Find out how often the filters have to be replaced and how much they generally cost. All of this information will be very valuable in your selection process.

Once you have chosen your air conditioning unit, you still have a little bit of homework to do. Ask the technician the following: Will they remove your existing system and dispose of it, or will it be up to you to dispose of it yourself? Will they show you how to operate the unit, or leave you to figure that out on your own? If you think of questions or run into issues after they leave? How can you contact them? What happens if there are any ductwork repairs necessary during the installation? Will they perform these repairs?

When selecting an air conditioning unit and preparing for the installation, it’s important not to shy away from asking questions. The more information you can gather before signing the contract, the more safeguarded you will be against unforeseen circumstances in the future. Always take note of the willingness of a company to answer any and all of your questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. If they seem evasive, they are probably hiding something. Don’t hire them. There are many HVAC companies in the NYC area, you don’t need to deal with one who doesn’t give you the kind of service you deserve. Find one that offers what you need, both in terms of products and service.

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