The 3 Things You Need to Know About Stealth Plastic Buckles

The buckle is an innovative contraption that is used to fasten or secure two loose ends. One end holds the buckle while the other one holds the catch which can be adjusted to secure the fit. More than often, the buckle is taken for granted. We sometimes fail to appreciate the things it contributed to our daily lives.

Can you imagine yourself having a helmet, belt, backpack, or seat belt without the buckle? I bet life wouldn’t be as simple as today without it.

To make us appreciate the wonders of buckles and the widely-used stealth plastic buckles, I have collected 3 interesting tidbits just for you.

Thank the Romans because we wouldn’t have stealth plastic buckles without them!

You heard me right! If it isn’t for the early buckles invented by the Romans to fasten their body armor, we probably wouldn’t have known about buckles in general.

The early ones were made out of bronze and they did not come cheap. It is only during the 15th century when new manufacturing processes were developed to make buckles cheaper and available to the public.

Celluloid, Casein, and Bakelite: The Foundation of Stealth Plastic Buckles

Celluloid, Casein, and Bakelite are the trio of plastics that helped expanded the buckle-making industry after World War II.

Their invention has led to the increase availability and various uses and applications of the stealth plastic buckles and types, which one of them are called duraflex stealth plastic buckles which is obviously made out of duraflex.

The male buckle member and female bucket member: The 2 Main Components of Stealth Plastic Buckles

Stealth plastic buckles, or side release buckles, are made up of two major components: the male buckle member and female bucket member.

The male buckle member consists of an extending center guide rod and 2 spring arms that are equally situated from the center guide rod. Each of the 2 spring arms contain a retaining block that concludes at the front end.

The female buckle member on the other hand consists of an open side in the front and 2 holes on the sides. The 2 side holes makes the buckle secure when the spring arms of the male buckle member is attached together with it.

The stealth plastic buckles are the ones we frequently use in our everyday lives. Aside from being called the side release buckles, they can also be called as parachute buckles.

Now that you know 3 awesome tidbits about the handy dandy buckle, did you finally see the invention on a whole new light? When you look around your house, what kind of things utilized the wonder of buckles? Will your list exceed 10 items or will it be lower?

When I look around my house, I certainly could not imagine myself without having buckles. I hope you do to. We shouldn’t take for granted the wonder of stealth plastic buckles.