3 Reasons Why Pressure Cookers are the Best Way to Cook Your Food

Pressure cooking is the means of cooking food in a compressed air tight container which is then heated. The device works when liquid – usually water based – is heated to a boil. With other cooking methods steam is usually then able to escape from the pot or pan, but in the case of a cooker, the steam is trapped within. Trapping the heat increases both the temperature and the pressure within the cooker, allowing for the food to be cooked.

There are several advantages to cooking with a pressure cooker rather than using other means of cooking. Pressure cooker reviews indicate that the benefits of pressurized cooking systems far surpass traditional cooking methods in three key areas.


One of the foremost reasons for using a pressure cooker is the speed at which food is cooked. Pressure cookers use far less water than other forms of cooking, because the steam that is generated from boiling does not evaporate out of the pot, but is rather trapped within the vessel. The smaller quantity of water will heat much faster than a full pot of broth would, and the temperature and internal pressure increase much more rapidly within the pressure cooker than in traditional cooking. This allows for the cooker to reach optimal heat much more quickly, meaning food is heated and cooked in a much shorter amount of time.


Pressure cookers also use less energy to cook food than pots and pans do. Because of the smaller quantity of water needed, there is far less wastage. Not only is water saved, but both water and energy are being used far more efficiently. Since the cooker traps the steam, there is no loss of energy as with normal evaporation. Additionally, because a small amount of water heats more quickly, the cooker does not need to be heated for as long, meaning a further reduction in the amount of energy needed to cook.

Another benefit which can aid in energy conservation is steaming baskets. Many pressure cookers come with them, and they are a means by which multiple foods can be cooked within the same steamer at the same time. By allowing for multi-dish cooking, a pressure cooker will not only save time, but will cut down on energy use, as all foods will use the same energy source to heat.


Along with speed and energy efficiency, pressure cookers actually help provide healthier, more nourishing meals. When food is boiled, much of the vitamins and minerals are ‘cooked out of them.’ More specifically, nutrients are soaked out of the food into the water, which then later evaporates as the water turns to steam. Due to the reduced cooking time of pressure cookers, vitamins have less time to leach out of the foods and into the liquid in which they are cooked. The shorter the cooking time, the more nutrients are preserved in the food, helping to ensure food remains in its most nourishing form.

While not all foods can be prepared in a pressure cooker, they are certainly an advantageous appliance. A great alternative to traditional cooking methods, pressure cookers can help any home chef cook more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and energy.