Five Fantastic Reasons to Use Bamboo Fabric in Home Décor

If you are keeping up with trends in home décor, you are probably aware of all the latest products made with bamboo fabric. Is this just another high street marketing ploy or are there benefits inherent to bamboo that we are not aware of? Actually, bamboo is a wonderful fibre to use in any type of fabric for use in clothing as well as in home décor. Here are five fantastic reasons to use bamboo fabric in home décor.

1) Bamboo Is Soft yet Durable

One of the most amazing features of bamboo fabric is that it is so soft yet so very durable. Made from single strands, it is quite resistant to pilling. Unlike threads that are comprised of multiple strands, bamboo thread is a single, thicker strand and as a result, does not fray and pill easily.

2) Extremely Absorbent

Another cool feature is that bamboo is amongst the most absorbent fabrics on the market. It is even found to be more absorbent than cotton or linen which makes it an ideal choice for dish towels and other linens. For this reason, there are a number of high end clothing manufacturers that have begun designing socks from bamboo fibre. With its natural moisture wicking properties, it is ideally suited to any use that needs absorbency.

3) Adapts Well to Body Temperature

Another fantastic feature is that bamboo fabric adapts easily to a person’s body temperature. If it is cold out, bamboo covers provide greater warmth but when the weather is warmer, it lets the skin breathe. Bedding is especially wonderful when made from bamboo fabric and such things like luxury bamboo cover sets won’t need to be removed if the weather is too warm. That added layer of fabric isn’t going to keep you too warm for comfort.

4) Natural Antibacterial Properties

Did you know that bamboo has natural antibacterial properties? It has been proven to be the case and why many socks manufacturers have gone to using bamboo in sports and designer socks. Because of this, odour is reduced and this is the same benefit to be had when using bamboo fabric for home décor. Dish towels left to air dry can better resist the build-up of mould if made from bamboo.

5) Sustainable

Finally, as a natural fibre, bamboo is sustainable. Unlike synthetics, bamboo is biodegradable and will not harm the fragile ecosphere. If you are looking to go green, bamboo is a perfect solution. This puts it in a class with other high end fabrics such as silk and linen.

These are just five of the fantastic reasons why bamboo is perfect for home décor. It takes dyes easily since it is absorbent and because it is so soft it is more wrinkle-resistant as well. Now that these benefits are so widely known, you will be seeing more and more home furnishings made from bamboo as time goes on. The industry is still in its infancy as far as trends go, but if you keep your eyes open, you will begin to see other novel uses as well.