Ultimate Water Features Guide and Maintenance Tips

“Water features whether it is a pond or a small fountain; add great value to your home. It is important to know the intricacies of water features before installing it. There is a maintenance part of water features but with the right knowledge and a love for nature, it is not a tough job to do.”

Water brings in life in your garden, a true son et lumiere of the garden, giving that ultimate pleasure of nature in a small space. Imaging you return to your suburban home after a long hectic work and desperately needs a relaxing moment, and you find a nature-inspired backyard with rippling water, fishes, and blooming plants. You just sit near your pond or in your patio with a cup of coffee your hand and loved one beside you. In our daily lives of tension of office, home bills, future thoughts of our children, a natural ambiance can pacify the course of life.

Why to install water features Sydney in the backyard or garden? These questions you make it clear before you contact your local contractor to build a pond or fountain your home. The true significance you can’t quantify but the emotional experience that you will achieve through a proper garden with water features like waterfall, pond, and water tanks Melbourne or a small pond can be far more substantial than expensive furniture in your living room.

Things to remember before creating water body in your garden:

  • First thing to remember before creating pond, fountains Sydney or any other water feature, is to design something that you can afford. A simple, small pond can be amazingly beautiful and it doesn’t require expensive fountains, sculptures or any other add on.
  • It is important to have a good pH balance in your pond so that your water is always clear without excessive algae growth. A good backyard pond must have at least 400 sq m with a depth of 1.5 m in place; you can also reduce the size a bit if space is the issue. You can build a smaller water body, which can be easily maintained.
  • Floating plants like water lily, water soldier, fogbit are important and should cover two-third of the water surface.
  • Any pond is incomplete without aquatic animals, but to see them, you need to maintain a clear water. So, it is essential to install a filtration system. Ideally, it should be cleaned after every two months, but remember to keep your fishes and other aquatic lives in separate water tanks Melbourne before you refill it.

Adding water features to your pool:

Plants for your Water Body

Plants are essential to keep the water clean and oxygenated for your aquatic lives. Research well about water plants, and be sure your that your pond is deep enough to plant them at the bottom. You need a mixture of floating as well as other plants such as water lilies, water hyacinths, water lettuces etc.

Filter and Pumps

For a large pond, it is quite difficult to install a water filter but for small pool or tank, you can install filters and pumps to clean your water. These bubbling fountains not only look good but keep your aquatic lives healthy by oxygenating the water.

Adding Living Lives in your Pond

Goldfish is the dominant living creature in home water pool, but there are other freshwater fishes like shibunkins, comets, faintails, tigers and others you can add.

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