An Insight into Selecting the Right Security Doors

Choosing the right security doors is one of the most important steps in building or remodelling homes. Most homeowners prefer metal security doors in Melbourne as this secures their homes against forceful intrusion.

There are a number of things that affect your home security. Exterior doors are surely one of the most important factors among these. They prevent unauthorised entry to your homes and act as your first line of defence. In a city like Melbourne where burglaries are almost a daily affair you cannot take your home security for granted. Installing security doors in Melbourne is thus a must for every homeowner. Apart from security, an external door also casts an impression on the minds of the visitors. It is the first thing that would meet the eye of a person visiting your home. Naturally you need to select exterior doors which are elegant, stylish and keep the criminals away. Here we shall share with you some tips that would help you make the perfect security doors in Pakenham and other parts of Melbourne.

Type of Door

This should be your first and most important concern when it comes to external doors for your home. You would have number of options at hand and need to make an informed decision. While wooden doors have served people in Melbourne for generations and look classy these aren’t your best option when it comes to their strength. These days most people opt for metal doors which offer you a wide selection of choice unlike in the past. Steel and aluminum doors in Melbourne have become the first choice for most home owners. Here again you need to choose between sliding and panel based doors each of which have their own advantages. Grilled doors are another option that you have on hand as they secure your homes and at the same time offer uninterrupted view of the outside world.

Security & Corrosion

Homeowners are often in a dilemma when choosing between steel and aluminium doors. You can follow a simple formula to make the selection easy. If security is your number one priority and you have some perceivable threats in mind you should opt for steel doors. These are strong and sturdy and can easily withstand large amounts of force that would be applied to them by a burglar or other criminals. Aluminium doors on the other hand win on the aesthetic value. It is a lighter and easier metal to work with and would blend with the décor of your property. You also need to take into account the factor of corrosion as these doors would be exposed to the elements of weather. Though both these materials aren’t corrosion proof, aluminium tends to withstand weathering better compared to steel.

Locking Mechanism & Frame

What kind of a frame will the door be installed on? A door is as strong as it frame and hence you need to offer it great deal of importance while making the selection. Quality metal doors in Melbourne come with Eliminator Crimp Locked Frame and strong hinges which secures the door to the frame adding to their strength. Apart from the frame you also need to take note of the locking mechanism. Double sided 3 Way Dead Locks have become popular among homeowners as these are extremely easy to operate.

Selection of security doors is one of the most important steps while constructing your homes or remodelling it and here you should make no compromises.