Everything You Should Know About Movers: The Main Recommendations

The “oversized” transportation – is the most difficult type of movers service, because the goods of non-standard size in height, width or volume cannot meet the requirements of the standards of transportation, in other words, to carry out its transportation cannot be with a conventional transport. Moving companies, organizing the moving of such goods, are necessary to take into account a lot of different factors: the goods must be transported on a special transport and by specially designed route, because not all roads have sufficient capacity, there are restrictions on the height of power lines, bridges and railways.

To the list of non-standard cargo transported by the movers, you can enable a wide spectrum of unique goods, with special shape, size and weight: yachts, harvesters, excavators, drilling equipment, modules, transformers, boilers, etc. The specialists of the moving company will need to make special calculations and prepare a special route for the almost every kind of over-sized cargo.

Moving of the heavy, over-sized, bulky and long goods by road are carried out after the registration of the special permit. The representatives of the movers company that provides services to move, direct the Application for Receipt of a permit in organs that serve the territory of the beginning of movement of vehicles.

Packaging Recommendations

If you want your things after the end of moving, also remained suitable for further use, we strongly recommend to get acquainted with recommendations on the packaging.

Easily breakable items such as mirrors, stained glass or glass, before moving should be pre-wrapped in several layers of packaging of various kinds: to protect the screen movers use blanket or bubble wrap, then close it with the cardboard, and then place a mirror in the flat box. During the transportation of the lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps you need to unscrew the light bulb, remove the plafonds; each then must be wrapped in the bubble wrap. The lamp base is also necessary to wrap in bubble wrap and glue the edges with tape. Then put everything in a box of sufficient size and fill the void with the filler paper, foam rubber, clothing or soft tissue. Movers companies recommend transporting the aquarium when it is empty. Prepare a glass container and pour it with the water from the aquarium, gently move the fish from the aquarium in a glass container. The remaining water from the aquarium must be poured into a container with a tight lid. Wrap the aquarium inside and outside with the bubble wrap, cover with cardboard and glue tape.

During the moving the special attention you should pay to the plants. It is required to maintain the optimum temperature, so the plants are better to move in specially insulated van or in the cab of the vehicle. For the high plants, you can make the box corresponding to their height. Conventional small plants are transported in simple boxes. The space between the pots and the box should be filled with the packing paper or bubble wrap.