Garden Decor with the WOW Factor

Decorating a garden to have it compete with the average backyard setup isn’t difficult, but giving a garden that special WOW factor that puts it on the level of a scene straight out of a magazine, now that requires some attention to detail and maybe even the addition of a few extra components. Most people throw in some garden gnomes, benches, a birdhouse, and a few other decorations and then call it a day. If you want to do more than “most people” and are looking to make your garden one that creates lasting memories and is worthy of a spot in any photographer’s album, consider starting with the following four decorative improvements:

1. Lining the Garden with Ornamental Flowers

If your garden consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, consider lining the edges and interior with a variety of ornamental flowers for added appeal. Most ornamentals are easy to care for and will do just fine in the same environment as your edible plants. For the other ornamentals that need special care, potted planting will work. There are also a number of herbs that are considered ornamentals, so starting with those may be ideal if your garden is primarily used for food production. You may also want to consider setting up a trellis so you can grow colourful grapes along the edges of the garden.


2. Installing a Fish Pond and Waterfall

Fish ponds not only look great in a garden, they can also serve a functional role in making your plants healthier. The water from the fish pond can be used as a base for organic composting teas, as it is high in nitrogen-rich fish waste/emulsion. Equipping the fish pond with its own waterfall is a great way to add the beautiful sound of running water to your garden, while also keeping the water flowing to prevent mosquitoes, algae, bacteria, and other problems that come with still water. If you really want to impress guests, consider setting up an automated aquaponics system that pumps water from the fish pond to your gardening water reservoir on a timed basis.

3. Laying a Paved Garden Patio

A well-placed patio can give you a comfortable and convenient place to sit and overlook the majestic beauty of your newly decorated garden. In the past, paving a patio was a job that was typically reserved for professionals, as concrete paving and stone laying have traditionally been seen as trades that require a specific set of skills and tools. However, nowadays you can use paving slabs like the ones at to quickly design and construct a professional looking patio without any expensive equipment or prior experience. You might think that such a DIY solution couldn’t possibly provide results that give the WOW effect, but you’d be surprised at how many styles paving slabs come in.

4. Inserting Miscellaneous Ornaments and Decorations

Once your garden has its own fish pond, waterfall, and patio, and is lined with plenty of colourful plants, it’s time to add the finishing touches with a few interesting ornaments scattered here and there. Consider hanging lamps throughout the garden for subtle night-time lighting, or lining your patio walkway with motion sensor activated ground lights. You might also want to install a garden tool rack or shed within close proximity to the garden to keep the area clean and organised on an ongoing basis.

Finally, a great way to get a new and inspiring ideas for your garden décor is to subscribe to several gardening and home décor magazines. This will give you a constant flow of ideas to work with, so you’ll never run out of ways to keep your garden popping with the WOW factor throughout every season of the year.