The Top Five Benefits of Remodeling Your Basement

If you have been considering remodeling your basement, but you are not quite sure you are ready to take the plunge, it is important to consider the benefits of the project itself. According to Guy Solomon, remodeling your basement may provide more benefits than you realize.

#1 – The Cheapest Way to Add Space

Remodeling magazine, a trusted source among homeowners and contractors alike, reports that finishing or remodeling your basement is the cheapest way to increase livable space in your home. The only other option involves building a room attachment, and this requires a foundation, walls, and a roof – all of which are already available in your basement. Because of all this, it is the best value per square foot to simply finish or remodel your basement. In fact, with the right contracting company, your basement can be just as beautiful as any other room in your home.

#2 – Addition to Resale Value

Although a finished basement is not a huge driving force when it comes to selling your home in the future, and it should not be your primary consideration when it comes to remodeling your basement, it may actually increase the resale value of your home if done correctly. Thus, if you remodel your basement and then sell your house, chances are good that you will not get a 100% return on your investment. However, it does make your home more appealing to homebuyers, which is always a good thing in today’s market.

#3 – You Do Not Have to Consider the Rest of Your Home

Your basement is essentially a blank slate where you can let your creative juices flow. When you add on a room, you have to consider how that room will mesh with the rest of your home and decor. After all, you would not want that area sticking out like a sore thumb. For the most part, your basement gives you far more opportunity. Do you want a wall covered in gaudy floral wallpaper? Go for it! It will not hamper the design in the rest of the house.

#4 – More Living Space

Who wants to hang out in a dank, dark basement with concrete floors and walls? No one, really. Finishing or remodeling your basement gives you and your family more space to live. In fact, if you have a full basement, you can essentially double the living space in a single-story home! You can choose to convert your basement into one or two bedrooms with an additional bathroom, an office space, a library, a home gym, a home theater – anything you can imagine.

#5 – It Can Become a Favorite Place

You might not think so now, but your basement can actually become your family’s favorite hangout spot. When done correctly with the help of Guy Solomon and his team, your basement can become a beautiful, comfortable space, free of moisture and easily heated or cooled. You can walk on plush carpeting, enjoy a wide-open space, and even open a window if you want to feel a natural breeze. The possibilities are endless.