Tips On How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in Edmonton

A lot of people, faced with the problem of contamination of apartments with the bed bugs prefer to immediately contact the service of the disinsection. Meanwhile, it is an expensive process but very effective. At the same time, there are some ways to get rid of the bed bugs Edmonton on their own, and only if you will not get any success you can call the pest control service.

Today anyone can literally for one day take measures to help the bed bugs completely disappear from the house. Today the market is flooded with different household insecticides that make it easy and inexpensive to carry out the disinfection by your own. The effectiveness of these tools proves that self-destruction of the bed bugs Edmonton is possible.

The use of aerosol insecticides against bed bugs Edmonton

Aerosol – is a very convenient form of release antiparasitic agents, allows putting the drug on any surface just with few movements. In addition, the destruction of bed bugs with the help of drugs in this form gives the fastest result. Sprays are best used locally – spraying them over the nest of bed bugs or places of their accumulation, after application on the surface, the drug retains its effectiveness for a long time.

Aerosols have one major drawback: after sputtering a significant portion of poison get into the air and can penetrate into the respiratory tract of humans or animals. Therefore, when working with spray it is important to comply strictly with the instructions:

Before using remove the food, hide items of personal use

Remove the animals and children out of the house, aquariums should be tightly covered and the air intakes must be turn off.

Put on the PPE: mask or respirator, goggles, gloves

Open the windows

Need to shake the spray that all the components are mixed

Spray the places where there are a lot of insects and secluded places of the room, holding a can in the outstretched hand. The distance to the object of spraying must be about 20 cm. Do not use aerosols near the included appliances and open fires. Try to spray so as to obtain a continuous line.

After processing, you need to leave the windows open and leave the premises at least for half an hour.

The use of insecticidal powders and chalks

When people think about what poison will kill the bed bugs Edmonton, they are often guided by the advice of sellers in a store or on the market. A lot of them offer means issued in the form of powder or chalk, which supposedly very effective. In fact, this form of means against bed bugs does not always give expected effect, because these insects are not eating a poisonous powder (as it might do, such insects as cockroach – bed bugs feed exclusively with the blood.