Why Copper Is In Vogue for Installing Rain Gutters and Roof Finials

“This guest blog talks about different properties of copper and utilities it meets in terms of rain gutter and roof finial installation. The reasons why copper is an ideal choice is discussed.”

Copper is considered to be one of the most important and versatile metals that is available. It has been in use for various purposes since 5000 years. As revealed by history, it can be seen that copper had been in use even in the Stone-Age. Copper is basically a flexible metal with high electrical as well as thermal conductivity. It has always played a vital role in terms of evolution of the society and civilization. Copper is a malleable metal and it can be moulded, stretched and shaped quite easily. Hence it has been an ideal metal for use to the ancient people and continues with its significant role in the spheres of industrial, domestic and technological application till date.

Apart from its conductivity, it also owns properties that include strength, ductility, hardness, block corrosion and many others with an outstanding range of colours, plating and polishes. Therefore if you are really worried about the protection of your roof from the rain water and your building foundation, you must choose copper rain gutters as your way out. But before installing, the home owner should evaluate the conditions of weather around which his/her building is situated at.

Rain gutters are nothing but rain catcher that collect the rain water and channelizes it in a proper way to drain out or to a container where it can be stored for future use. Such gutters should have the following protection devices:

  • Gutter guards which are filtered
  • Plastic gutter guards
  • Strainers
  • Gutter brushes
  • Hinged gutter guards
  • Stainless steel gutter guards

Now the question is why one will choose copper roof finials or copper as the ideal metal for rain gutters. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Rain gutters made of copper no doubt carry a different sophistication and dignity and attribute a grand look to your building with all the significant functional purposes intact.
  2. Copper has an exceptional long lasting power. Its durability & longevity is quite appreciable and lasts as long as your building lasts.
  3. If you invest on copper you are actually saving your money, as it needs no regular replacements like the utensils of other materials.
  4. Copper is not prone to rot and rust. They remain in the same status for years and decades.
  5. Needless to say that it has a very low maintenance cost unlike aluminium or other metal works.
  6. They are resistant to extreme climate and can quite easily combat with extreme conditions of weather.
  7. Copper is not affected adversely by heat or dryness. They can cope up with the natural adversities.
  8. Copper is the metal that was discovered after gold. It attributes a different prestige and appeal to your home altogether.
  9. Copper is oxidized forming a coating called patina. It is mainly of green or brown and prevents the metal from corrosion.
  10. The overall attractiveness of the metal is simply undeniable which makes your building stand out from the rest in the neighbourhood.

Maintenance, longevity and durability are important aspects that are needed to be considered when designing downspouts and gutters. Copper is no doubt the wisest choice of metals because of the low maintenance, long life and its high resistance power to corrosion. Extreme climates such as in marine atmospheres, a properly designed copper rain gutter and a decorative downspout assemblage will confer many decades of a very minimum maintenance service.

Taking all these into account, one can in no way deny the significance of copper as a very useful metal and perhaps the ideal one when it comes to any kind of gutter or finial installations.