Tips on How to Pack More Efficiently

Packing up for a move can be an extremely stressful. Even after you go through all of the trouble of finding yourself a new place to live and possibly selling your current house, there’s still a lot of take care of. Most people will plan out how they are going to pack in their minds, and it almost never goes the way they plan. People get side tracked, they forget how much stuff they really have, they run out of boxes to use, they worry about what to pack and what to pack, they worry about what to pack with what… my head is honestly hurting just thinking about it. Calling a moving company is the easy part, but use some of these tips to make packing for your next move a lot easier.

Think and Plan Ahead

Don’t wait 3 days before your moving truck is expected to arrive to get started. You should be doing everything to prepare ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Buy all supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and labeling stickers a month before the big day and start organizing all of your stuff little by little. Packing up a box a day is a lot less intimidating than 5-10 boxes in 2 days.

Create a Packing Station

Moving is already a stressful process. The last thing you need is to have to walk around boxes everywhere you go in your house. Avoid this by designating either a room or certain area as your packing room. You should try your hardest to make this an area that isn’t used by you or anybody in your family on a daily basis. It could range from your guest bedroom or a rarely used dining room. This will help you stay organized and sane when moving.

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Pack Efficiently, But with Care

Any mover should be trying their hardest to maximize their space. You should be packing your boxes as tightly as possible to lessen your need for more boxes. Because nobody wants to spend extra money on extra boxes that you’ll likely never use again. However with that said, don’t try to cram too much into one box. Take every precaution when packing fragile objects by properly wrapping them in paper, bubble wrap or even old clothes. Another step to help with efficiencies is to have a furniture removal company take any old or unused furniture to dispose of it properly, rather then wasting time and money on moving it.

Have a Suitcase for Each Person

Depending on how long you’ll have between leaving your old house and moving into your new house, every member of the family should have a suitcase prepared. It should include a change of clothes for every day, any sundries needed for your morning routine, chargers for phones and any other portable appliances. It would also be smart to pack some easy to access snacks. This will cut down the cost you would have to spend on food on a daily basis and lessen the amount of fast food you would likely eat on these days.

Label Your Boxes

This may seem like a very simple and even forgettable tip, but this will save you so much time when moving into your new home. When unloading the truck and unpacking your boxes, you want to know exactly what’s in every box and where everything should go. This is a much better process than having to cut open every box and sort through what’s in there to determine where it needs to be. Time is precious when you’re doing something you don’t want to do, and nobody likes sorting through boxes when trying to move into a new house.