Industrial Steampunk Pipe Light Fixtures – Reinvent the Retro Look

“Industrial steampunk pipe light fixtures have become very popular in the recent years and help in reinventing the retro look in a commercial or industrial facility.”

There was something special in the Industrial Age, inventors and innovators came out with smart ideas laying the genesis of modernity. From the steam engines to lighting fixtures everything produced was as much about functionality as it was about design aesthetics. We must acknowledge that somewhere we have lost that artistic touch when it comes to designing things that we use every day. Flat planes and smooth finishes have somewhere taken over intricate artwork and design that is associated with most 19th and early 20th century products that we see around us in vintage tools, equipment and other utilities. From railway carriages to steam powered water pumps everything was designed to perfection. They had a story to tell about age when the human race made the transition from muscle power to the power of steam.

There is a great demand for the vintage looks in modern constructions and people prefer to recreate the retro look that was used in the previous centuries. If you want to reinvent the retro look in your commercial or industrial facility industrial steampunk pipe light fixtures would be your perfect choice. These lighting fixtures incorporate technology and design aesthetics inspired by 19th-century glory days of steam powered machinery.These have become extremely popular in the recent years help you walk back in time and create a look that attracts eyeballs easily. From small to large industrial units and other commercial facilities these are being adopted by hundreds of businesses. Their rugged design makes them standout and adds to the décor of your facility.

Uniqueness & Class

Often termed as Machine Age Lamps these lighting fixtures add something unique to the appearance of your facility. The antique finish on these lighting fixtures creates a classy and rugged look. Made of iron these fixtures tend to retain their class and elegance for long even when they are exposed to different elements. They fit in with all kinds of building design, antique and the more sophisticated ones that are common these days.

Wide Selection of Products

The market is flooded with a wide variety of steam pipe lighting and you will find a product that suits your taste and aesthetic requirements. From Pendant style lighting fixture to Sconce, Table Top, Stand and Chandelier the options are many. Whether you are looking for interior fixtures or those that add to the elegance of your exterior walls, you will never be short of options.

For all the design aesthetics and retro look that these lights can add to your industrial or commercial facility, they aren’t quite energy efficient. These aren’t something that would power your ‘Go Green’ campaign although they do make your facility stand out and attract eyeballs of the onlookers. If you want to light up your facility and save on your monthly bills you must opt for high efficiency LED lights in New Orleans. These are soaring up on the popularity charts as over the years this technology has become more affordable. From Flood Lights to Indoor Lighting and Ceiling Fixtures you would get lighting products for almost every need. If you want to cut down on power bills, LED is the technology you must trust and you shall enjoy the many benefits.

With so many manufacturers coming out with ever more classy and sophisticated lighting fixtures you need to be extremely choosy. From industrial steampunk pipe light fixtures to LED lights and other personal lighting products you would have to choose from a wide selection of products. Naturally you must always do a background research on the brand and its reputation among customers before you choose to buy their products.