Choosing a Whirlpool Bathtub

Easing yourself into the warm water, relaxing while the jets pulse, and seeing this experience in the midst of your very own master bathroom – it’s the ideal way to set you on the right path to making a purchasing decision.

But, you’ll be hard-pushed to achieve the reality without undertaking plenty of practical legwork. Many a time have people made the mistake of buying a Jacuzzi, and yet they have little concept of how it’s going to fit into their space. After that, there’s a lot of costly remodeling work that has to be undertaken.

So, before making a decision on a certain model, answer the following questions:

What’s going to fit?

Before you look at a whirlpool, measure up your bathroom. The majority of whirlpools arrive in one of three standard sizes – five foot, five-and-a-half foot, and six foot. But don’t just think about the size of the tub, given that the minimum additional requirement will be at least a half-inch on each side.

What’s going to fit through the door?

Though the height of the tub might easily fit through the entryway, it will still need enough clearance for turning it around.

How much does it weigh?

If your bathroom has a wood joist flooring construction, you must consider the weight of the tub, in addition to the weight when it is filled with water and with its occupant. Then, add supports or bracing as necessary.

Further, if you’re remodeling the bathroom, you might uncover damaged or weakened flooring, in which case, it should be repaired or at least reinforced before making further improvements.

Does your bathroom space need reconfiguration?

If you’re intentions are for a larger whirlpool, other elements to the bathroom might need redesigning, or maybe even the flooring will have to be ripped up or walls torn down to prepare for the whirlpool installation.

Where’s the plumbing?

A plumber must be able to access the space so as to hook up the whirlpool. Plus, the motor box should be easily accessible. The best way to ensure there are no plumbing headaches is to get the specs of the models that interest you, then hire a contract plumber who is licensed.

What about the wiring?

A whirlpool tub may require more electrical input than the fridge freezer, so the nearby outlet must be capable of supplying the appropriate voltage. If otherwise, you might require an electrician to undertake some rewiring.

How will it be used and how frequently?

Find a whirlpool that fits well to your lifestyle. Looking for some romance? Get a two-seater. You’re an avid soaker? Invest a bit more money in something that’s really appealing to you.

What’s a sensible design?

A more traditional appearance is gained with the oval-shaped whirlpool together with rolled deck. The more contemporary look comes with a rectangular shape and flat deck. The design tone is set by the faucet and tub filler style.

If your desire is for a complete bathroom overhaul, a whirlpool can be purchased as part of a matching suite, to include the tub, the toilet, pedestal, and the vanity.

The tub’s style can also be dictated through the treatment of the deck. Wood surrounds look more traditional, whereas tile may evoke different styles which are dependent on the pattern. For a more contemporary and sleek finish, opt for solid surface Corian.

What features?

Consider investing in an inline heater, given that bubbling air passing through warm water cools the water rapidly. Some have a preference for the relaxation of bubbles, as opposed to the force from jets. For those that have limited mobility, tubs that come with two doors and jets to provide the therapeutic option may be a wise investment.

How much for remodeling?

If you are investing in a whirlpool, it’s wise to consider investing in all the plumbing fixtures as well as the accessories. The entire reasoning behind a bathroom remodel is to make it function in accordance to your lifestyle. Have a solid plan from the very start – and the plan should outline every change that you may need to make.

Bathroom remodeling professionals advise that you retain an extra 10 percent above your original budget when having a whirlpool bathtub installed.

Once you’ve made your decisions about the appropriate whirlpool tub, you may need to then consider additional items. Maestro Bath carry a vast array of “accessories” such as bathroom sinks, bathroom toilets, faucets, vanities, drains, and more.