Reasons You Should Buy a Condo

Purchasing a new home is both an exciting and a terrifying decision. Most new homeowners will think of purchasing a traditional property, leaving condos as an afterthought. However, condos have a lot of benefits to offer!

Take a look at some of the excellent benefits of purchasing a condo.

No Lawn Maintenance

You’ll be paying dues to a condominium association, which means you don’t have to deal with pesky lawn maintenance, such as mowing, trimming the bushes, or remembering to water the flowers. Especially if you’re a first time home buyer, worrying about landscaping and yard maintenance is a hassle. It’s hard enough that you have to worry about what’s inside the home, but you have to handle what’s outside the home at the same time!

Just take a look at a condo for sale in Yangon, and you’ll think twice about purchasing any other type of home! You won’t have to worry about lawn care, maintenance or even roof repair.

Cheaper Than a Comparable Home

The cost of a condo compared to the cost of a house will all depend on the size of the home and property values in the neighborhood, but it’s typical to spend less on a condo. This is especially true for higher-cost markets where a condo can be the only alternative to a high-priced, single-family home.

Sense of Community

Condo owners tend to live in a much closer proximity than their suburban homeowners who have large yards to separate them. There is always a social moment that happens during the day in a condo complex. Whether it’s taking out the trash or picking up the mail, there is an opportunity there to speak with someone or say hello to someone as you pass them in the hall.

Beautiful Location in Yangon

When purchasing a condo in Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, you will have so much more than just your condo! Yangon is a serene location with a mix of colonial architecture and modern high-rises. There are Buddhist pagodas that define the skyline, and no one can miss the ShwedagonPaya, a large, shimmering pagoda complex that draws thousands of pilgrims from across the globe to one location. The city is full of many other historical treasures and really imbues a sense of community in both locals and travelers. The city is a gem that is waiting to be discovered!

Closer to Amenities

When you purchase a condominium rather than a home out in the suburbs, you’re closer to all the amenities you desire! Movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and specialty stores are all within minutes of your condominium. In addition, most condominiums are located near business complexes, so that you’re able to get to work in just a few minutes rather than having to spend hours in traffic. Condominiums also come with all necessities supplied, so you don’t have to worry about contacting anyone about hooking up to water and sewer services.

Purchasing a condo is an excellent investment decision, as they are easily sold once you decide you want to move, but you won’t want to when it’s located in a city such as Yangon. It’s truly a magnificent place to see!