Repair, Seal, Restore – How to Care for Slate Floors

“Planning redecorating or making a new home needs a lot of preparation. To know how to care for slate floor take a look at the article.”

Slate is quite popular material that has been used in flooring of home and commercial spaces widely. It is made of metamorphic process by compressed mud. It is tough, durable and can be easily separated in layers that can be used as slates in flooring. When you are planning your new home or redecorating the previous one, you can give it a nice touch with slate installation in the flooring. However, there are some other factors too that you need to consider while installing slate flooring.

Planning slate flooring is not only convenient but also it is stylish too. Slate holds some old world charm in them that make them glamorous. If you want your slate floor to last long you need to take a few steps to make sure the longevity. If you don’t want to go to some stone repair service in Melbourne any time soon here are a few tips for you to take care of your slate floor. Take a look.

Care after Installation

Slates are naturally cleft, flaky stone. So, with passing days the more slates gets accustomed spalling will happen of the slate floor. It is completely a natural process when small pieces will break off from the tile. It happens mostly for the first three months of installation. You may find the room dusty. Regular sweeping or vacuum without beater bar can help you. There is nothing to worry about this process. Once the slates will settle down in the new environment the process will stop.


Slate is a natural stone. If you go to talk to any mobile stone restoration service in Melbourne they will tell you to avoid acid as it may cause etch on the surface. You won’t be able to notice it on natural cleft slates. But if the slate floor is polished it will be visible. Sweeping is necessary as it will cut down the surface grit and dust. You also can use mild detergent to wash the floor that has low pH. Avoid lemon and vinegar spilling to prevent etch. Use dry soft fabric to dry after washing the floor with plain water to avoid water spots.


Often people ask this common question? Do stone and slate always need sealing? There are many types of slate that can be porous and absorb moistures. As a result they may also absorb stains. That is why it is necessary to get slate sealing in your Melbourne home every year. IIT not only prevents stains but also contributes to the longevity. To test you can pour water on the floor. If it leaves dark mark after 10 minutes, your slate flooring needs sealing. Apply the sealer with soft foam paint brush. You can have the floor sealed with color enhancing sealers as well. Avail the service of slate sealing Melbourne for the best result.

Scratch Removal

You can often discover scratches in the area of the floor that experiences higher traffic. Use mineral water for such problems. Apply mineral water and rub on the scratch to make it disappear. If it doesn’t you need to consult services for stone repairs Melbourne.

Slate floor contributes to the aesthetics of your home. It is obvious that you need to take care of it. If you are thinking of building your new home or restoring your old mansion, consult mobile stone restoration Melbourne. I am sure your guests will be enthralled with the glamorous flooring of your home.