Getting Your Home into the Festive Spirit

Whether you’re counting down the days until December 1st, or you see yourself as more of a Bah Humbug who puts off decorating the home for Christmas as long as possible, there’s no denying that Christmas décor instantly gives your home a warm, magical feel. No matter what time you decide to decorate your house, it’s never too early or too late to get into the festive spirit! Here are a few ways you can capture that festive spirit within your interiors and make the most of this magical season!

Select a Theme

When it comes to choosing the kind of Christmas décor you want to use within your home, it’s important to think of a colour scheme and theme before making any purchases. There are so many different Christmas decorations on the market that come in a wide selection of colours and styles and it can become difficult to settle on just one colour scheme. Your decorations need to fit in with your interiors, the decorations should complement the décor of each room and with this in mind, it can often become easier to decide on just what you want for your home. With Christmas decorations, there are a few very popular themes, red, gold and green represents a classic, traditional Christmas style, you then have a contemporary mix of gold, silver and white, or a chic twist of black and white with gold detailing.

Spread the Magic

One of the most common mistakes that people make when decorating their homes for Christmas is to spread the festive spirit across the whole house. Whilst it makes perfect sense to focus mainly on the living areas and kitchen for your main Christmas décor, it still looks really good to have a selection of decorations positioned all over your home. Adding smaller decorations to the bedrooms and bathroom can give each room a fun little Christmas touch that will keep the festive spirit alive. With a selection of Christmas decorations spread out throughout your home, you’ll notice a warm and welcoming feel in every room, with a delicate, magical touch.

Festive Focal Points

It goes without saying that the Christmas tree is the star of the show in any home. No matter what shape or size your Christmas tree may be, it’s always the main attraction and creates a stunning focal point within any room. Position your Christmas tree in an area that people can enjoy, either the hallway, living room or even kitchen. You often find that the Christmas tree is positioned in the corner of the room, making it the perfect place to surround with presents and treats. Another beautiful focal point for the Christmas period is the mantelpiece. If you’re looking to add a Christmas touch to your mantelpiece, then you instantly have another stunning focal point. The perfect decorations for the fireplace/mantelpiece are stockings, hung from the ledge, candles and other small but Christmassy items that will add to the overall festive feel of the room.

Delicate Touches

The Christmas decorations in your home are going to have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your home throughout the Christmas period, so adding lots of fun, delicate décor will be really beneficial. There are some really tasteful yet fun décor ideas that you can introduce such as mistletoe hanging above your kitchen doors, a stylish wreath trailing up your banister and even some hidden elves in secret places throughout your home. These small yet effective items may not seem like much, but they’re the additional parts to the décor that will give your home a unique edge and emphasise the festive feeling.

Great Outdoors

Whilst many people focus mainly on their interiors when it comes to decorating for Christmas, it also looks really good to decorate the front of your home. Front gardens, hedges, driveways and even the house itself look so good when draped in beautiful, twinkly lights or Christmas details. You can still keep things neat and simplistic when adding some delicate lighting, or you can go all out and introduce some Christmas elves, reindeer or even Santa to the garden. When people come to your house or even pass by, you want them to have a great first impression, and stylish Christmas décor will spread the festive spirit, as well as create an instantly warm and welcoming feel to your home.