Five Best Kept Secrets for Buying a New Home!

The mix of excitement and fear is best experienced when buying a new home is on the cards! Not to miss the series of challenges that leave a lasting impact on the ultimate purchase we make, buying a new home has always been an underrated experience until you learned these best kept secrets.

Spend Wisely

At least 5-6 months prior to the actual month of purchasing, hold onto your transactions and leave your money as it. The idea is to pay more in cash down and depend less on the loan amount. In the longer run, it greatly influences your money’s organic growth. Spend wisely; do not make any major purchases. Clear all standing EMIs and utilize your credit points rewarded in different debit/credit cards. Also, get a pre-approved loan that makes the overall home hunting process hassle-free. It bestows clarity towards what best you could buy in the available budget.

Lesser Time to Possession

Challenges are totally different when you are looking for a flat on rent in Pune. They get worse when a purchase has to be done. The real estate industry in India thrives on fluctuating possession commitments. Add to it the on document confirmations that often land up in courts. Finalize a builder who has a positive track of delivering projects and ask for a reasonable time for possession. Do not be carried away by swanky interior promises. It is better to enhance the flat more than not acquiring it for decades.

Get In Touch With the Neighbours

Remember! More the time you spend researching, lesser will be the post-acquisition disputes. Visit the locality, meet up with the neighbours and probe more about the various do’s and don’ts. Encourage them to share useful insights about the authenticity of committed facilities and the overall life standards. Ring the bell next door to the flat you would be choosing. Ask your “to be neighbours” about any borderline issues they are concerned of. Such disputes are a permanent pain!

There Is Only One Good Time to Buy

This is when you are ready emotionally and financially. Do not try to foresee a good market to buy. The markets will always fluctuate and the reasons are beyond your knowledge. As and when your family needs and hint at a newer house plus your financial readiness is right, it is the right time to take the first step. Any wait for the market to slow down and drop rates will only confuse you with wrong choices.

A Real Estate Expert Is Always a Productive Idea

Hunting for Rental Flats in Pune has always been troublesome; just imagine the hassle that comes along when you have to make a purchase! In such cities that have a plethora of choices, reliable assistance from services such as NestAway could help filter down to appropriate picks. Just be prepared with your list of expectations. Assistance from the right agency will land you at the right doors!